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Over the past decade, many have chosen EnFuzion for its outstanding reliability, scalability and performance. Key EnFuzion benefits are as follows:

  • Client/Server Architecture Built to Perform
    EnFuzion utilizes the client-server architecture to deliver the optimal level of reliability, scalability and performance to users. The EnFuzion client-server model offers you a powerful and reliable platform, which is at the same time scalable and simple to set up and use.

  • Proven Reliability
    Tried and proven in nearly a decade of deployment in demanding enterprise computing environments, the EnFuzion technology offers the ultimate level of reliability. This reliability benefits big and small render farms alike. Put the enterprise grade reliability to work on your render farm.

  • Effortless Scalability
    Get ready for high-definition TV with EnFuzion! Designed to handle thousands of machines, EnFuzion's high performance job scheduler makes scalability a non-issue. With EnFuzion, you can confidently scale up the size of your render farm and expect linear performance growth as you add machines. With Linux support, EnFuzion also enables users to expand with cost-effective Linux render nodes.

  • Guaranteed Performance
    Utilizing the industry's fastest job scheduler, EnFuzion delivers reliable performance all the time, without constant user intervention. EnFuzion provides support for the new AMD and Intel 64-bit dual-core processors and Hyper-Threading technology, helping users to gain optimal utilization of the new high-performance hardware, and get the most ROI on their hardware investment.