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EnFuzion for Bioinformatics and Life Sciences

EnFuzion has been widely deployed in the bioinformatics and life sciences fields to automate and speed up sequence comparison, docking and protein modeling applications. Scientists chose EnFuzion for its unique ability to manage millions of jobs and hundreds of thousands of files, both of which are quite common in the bioinformatics applications. EnFuzion is low-cost and fully supported, giving scientists a robust, scalable and feature-rich grid-computing solution that minimizes deployment time and operational cost.

EnFuzion provides services for each aspect of large-scale parametric studies. Without any application changes, scientists can generate and parameterize millions of test cases with ease by using EnFuzion's scripting interface. Once the test cases are created, EnFuzion's high throughput job scheduler takes over and ensures optimal utilization of all available compute resources to complete the jobs in the shortest time.

Getting large data sets to and from the compute nodes is often a challenge in bioinformatics applications. EnFuzion's data and file handling features give users the tools they need to reduce the amount of data copying and increase overall system throughput. Accessing data from a single shared file system simultaneously by many nodes can become the biggest bottleneck to overall job throughput. EnFuzion does not require a shared file system to operate, thereby helping users to reduce data movement on the network. Data needed by the compute nodes can be pre-staged on the nodes, and automatically cleaned up after the computation is done. Results can be stored locally and "trickled" back to a central repository when network bandwidth is available.

EnFuzion provides a very simple command-line, scripting interface to integrate with homegrown applications as well as well-known bioinformatics tools, including BLAST, Modeller, and AutoDock.