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EnFuzion has many features that make it class-room friendly easy to use for the students, and easy to manage by the classroom render farm administrators.

Widely deployed for the past 9 years in demanding 24x7 enterprise computing environments, EnFuzion is a mature, proven and robust solution for the rigorous demands of university use. In addition to all the features which support commercial render farms, EnFuzion also provides features specific for the academic environment.

EnFuzion is extremely easy to learn and easy to use for the students. Key features and benefits for the students are as follows:

  • Simple job submission - Simple graphical user interface for submitting scenes to the render farm.
  • Email notification - Students are notified via email when rendering completes.
  • Preview results - Detect problems early and save time with the preview option, which allows a student to see the first few frames before all the frames are rendered.
  • Web interface - Students can monitor job progress on the classroom render farm via any standard internet browser with no need to load additional client software on remote machines.
  • Work from home - The EnFuzion Web interface works over the Internet and VPN, allowing students to monitor rendering progress from home.

EnFuzion is a robust and reliable solution that a render farm administrator can deploy with ease and confidence. Key features and benefits for the instructor and administrators are:

  • Per-student file access - Files access options help administrators to manage students and instructors needs.
  • Central control - Central point of control and access to all aspects of the render farm machines, users, files and policies.
  • Web interface - Administrators can access and control the render farm using any standard web browser, even from home, via VPN.
  • Robust, reliable performance - Proven robustness and reliability in nearly a decade of deployment.
  • Cost-effective to deploy - No need for costly database to operate, EnFuzion provides everything you need besides the rendering packages.
  • No licensing hassle - EnFuzion is licensed via a very simple mechanism. There is no need to struggle with the complexity of FlexLM.
  • Committed to your success - Axceleon excels in customer satisfaction in terms of quality product and quality support.

Please contact us to get a free trial of EnFuzion for your classroom render farm.