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About Axceleon
Axceleon is a leader in high performance distributed computing, and the provider of EnFuzion®, the resource management software for compute grids, clusters and render farms.

The Axceleon Advantage
EnFuzion has been in continuous deployment since 1996. In its first decade of deployment in demanding enterprise computing environments, EnFuzion has consistently delivered the reliability and performance expected by our customers. Everyday, many count on EnFuzion to carry out critical real-time financial computations on Wall Street, large scale bioinformatics studies, on-line energy systems, real-time engineering applications and large animation render farms.

About EnFuzion
EnFuzion is a job scheduler and resource manager for compute grids, clusters and render farms. EnFuzion combines pools of servers and desktop machines to enable faster execution through distribution of jobs. EnFuzion reduces the complexity of distributed computing involving many machines in heterogeneous environments, thereby maximizing resource utilization with minimum user involvement. EnFuzion manages files, machines and network, freeing users to problem solving and has full redundancy and automatic fail over capabilities designed in since it’s inception.

For nearly a decade, EnFuzion has been widely deployed in the energy, financial, bioinformatics, 3D rendering, telecommunications, scientific research and engineering market segments, where it helped users to get more results faster. Recognized for its reliability and performance, EnFuzion has been deployed in many on-line mission critical applications. EnFuzion® was one of the first sizeable deployments of grid computing technology on Wall Street in 1999.

EnFuzion is derived from research conducted under the Nimrod Project at Monash University.

About EnFuzion for Render Farms

EnFuzion for Render Farms is an industrial-strength render farm management software solution. EnFuzion3D 2009™ runs natively on all major OS platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS and IRIX) and all major 64/32-bit hardware platforms from AMD, Intel, Apple and SGI. Plug-ins for all major rendering packages are available, including Maya, 3ds Max, Toxik, Softimage|XSI, Nuke, Combustion, After Effects, Blender, mental ray, Vray ,Turtle, 3Delight and more. EnFuzion was first deployed on an SGI/Irix render farm running Alias Maya with CBS News in 2000.

About CloudFuzion™ for Amazon EC2
CloudFuzion™ with EC2 provides “elastic rendering™” within the cloud and changes the economics of rendering by allowing studios and end users to pay only for their usage. This notion of “elastic renderingTM” using CloudFuzion™ decreases the management of the hardware and software stockpile in a studio environment. The CloudFuzion™ render farm in the cloud can shrink and expand on demand. It can start with one or two render nodes and then rapidly expand to thousands of render nodes transparently increasing the potential of the render farm within minutes using Amazon EC2.

Legal Notices
EnFuzion® is a registered trademark of Axceleon, Inc. Axceleon™, CloudFuzion™, elastic rendering™ are trademarks of Axceleon, Inc. Other product and company names contained herein are properties of their respective owners.