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The following examples are provided to help you understand how EnFuzion works. The software required to run these examples is included or freely available on the Internet.
Type Application Description
Tutorial Random Walk Here we present a simple random walk application that demonstrates the use of EnFuzion. The random walk is one of the basic methods used in financial and scientific calculations. Consider the following question. We repeatedly throw a coin. If it comes up tails, we move one step to the left. If it comes up heads, we move one step to the right. What is the maximum distance from the starting point that we will reach?
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Marketing Finding the Nearest Customers Profile E-commerce packages can keep track of your customers' purchasing patterns; you can use that information to generate targeted advertising and highly effective product promotions. EnFuzion significantly speeds the calculation time needed to process large databases as they are generated by today's web servers.
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Computer Graphics Fractals Fractals are a classical application of distributed computing. Fractal images typically take several hours to calculate. This application demonstrates how EnFuzion can be used to distribute the calculation of fractal images. EnFuzion distributes image calculations efficiently, resulting in significant decrease of calculation time.
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