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Financial and Insurance Services

Axceleon™, leaders in computational grid computing solutions, offers financial and insurance institutions the ability to harness corporate computing resources to create a flexible and dynamic pool of compute power, to execute financial and risk applications faster, more reliably, and with better results. Axceleon’s EnFuzion™ software layered with financial and insurance software applications, such as Monte Carlo simulations, batch scheduling, data processing, risk management, and financial modeling, gives end-users the ability to fully automate application runs, accelerate application execution time, and run multiple scenarios concurrently.

EnFuzion offers built in fault tolerance to ensure that all jobs fully complete. If there is a failure, EnFuzion automatically re-routes the job to finish executing on an alternative resource. EnFuzion assures end-users that the jobs will be completed regardless of where the work is processed. For clients with homegrown applications, EnFuzion's intuitive scripting capabilities allow end-user to transparently integrate automated job processing without any changes to the application. The web-based graphical user interface (GUI) lets users easily and quickly set up multiple jobs on multiple machines.

EnFuzion's built in reporting features give users a detailed description of the jobs that were submitted, where they were executed, how long they ran, and the integrity of the results. The multi-user-prioritizing feature allows a network of users to share resources based on priority of their work. EnFuzion gives end-users the ability to easily manage computational resources on the network and utilize all computing resources.

With EnFuzion, end-users are able to significantly increase compute power on the fly, accelerate application execution time by up to 1000 times, and be more productive, thus contributing a higher value to the bottom line.