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EnFuzion provides several levels of user interface, each created to enhance the productivity of different types of users:

  • For Artists
    Simple and intuitive graphical user interface for job submission and progress monitoring; comprehensive log files to help diagnose problems.

  • For Administrators
    Powerful Web interface for monitoring and controlling all aspects of render farms; plug-in templates for rendering packages which can be easily modified to suit the needs of individual render farms.

  • For Power Users
    Scripting interface and APIs for power users to achieve the ultimate level of integration, automation and customization.
EnFuzion Job Submission User Interface
EnFuzion offers an easy-to-use graphical user interface for Job Submission.
3D Studio Max plug-in After Effects plug-in Cinema 4D plug-in Lightwave plug-in Maya plug-in Mental Ray for Maya XSI plug-in Mental Ray for XSI

3DS Max

After Effects
Cinema 4D


Mental Ray
for Maya .mi
Mental Ray
for XSI .mi
Two Interfaces for Job Monitoring and Control
EnFuzion offers two choices for monitoring job progress and control various aspects of render farm operations. The standard job monitoring interface places everything that a user needs to access just one click away. The Web base interface allows users to access the render farm using any standard web browser, from anywhere.
Control 1 Control 2 Control 3
Control 1 Control 2 Control 3
EnFuzion Thumbnail and Image Browsers
The EnFuzion thumbnail and image browsers allow users to view thumbnails, full-size images and animations with ease. (The test scene is copyrighted by and provided courtesy of Alias Systems, Corp.)
EnFuzion Thumbnail Browser View Images View animations
EnFuzion Thumbnail Browser View Images with the
EnFuzion Image Browser
View Animations with the
EnFuzion Image Browser
EnFuzion Reporting User Interface
EnFuzion offers a wide range of reporting functions via the standard Web interface. Hourly, daily and monthly reports are organized to present the complete information on the operation of the render farm.
EnFuzion Reporting Interface
Reporting Interface

EnFuzion Scripting Interface
EnFuzion offers a scripting interface for power users to control how EnFuzion interacts with rendering software and render farm machines. The EnFuzion scripting interface is also the primary way for automating other repetitive, mundane tasks in your production pipeline.

EnFuzion Template File for Plug-ins
Axceleon offers a set of template files which control the default behavior of the EnFuzion plug-ins for various render packages. These template files can be easily modified by render farm administrators to serve any special needs of their render farms.

EnFuzion API
EnFuzion has a socket based text interface and an HTTP based interface for integration with other programs. The EnFuzion API provides users with a way to achieve the ultimate level of integration and customization.