EnFuzionPWR 15.2 Now Available

Cupertino, Calif., — June 13, 2015 – Axceleon Inc. today announced the immediate availability of the EnFuzionPWR software version 15.2. This is a major new release of the EnFuzionPWR software.


The key feature highlights in this release include:


  • Significantly improved control root performance, especially under heavy system load 
  • More security on the compute nodes through a new configuration option
  • A new memory reservation feature on the compute nodes to prevent compute node lock-ups
  • Significantly extended the EnFuzion job scheduler to maximize the utilization of memory and CPU in today’s many core machines
  • Added support for handling large files through the EnFuzion Web interface
  • New multi-user support for the EnFuzion Web interface to increase productivity for large teams
  • Backward compatible to legacy run files and scripts
  • Support PSS®E, PSLF, TARA, PROMOD and many other application software packages


We recommend all users of EnFuzionPWR to upgrade to this new version of the software.  Please contact support@axceleo.com to request the software.