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EnFuzion for Electric Utility and Energy

Electric utility companies use EnFuzion to speed up power flow analysis and dynamic security assessment (DSA) applications. By employing EnFuzion-driven compute clusters, utility companies can perform thousands of power flow contingencies and disturbance scenarios in minutes and hours instead of days. This dramatic decrease in compute time not only allows utility companies to get faster results, but also better results by using more accurate system models.

EnFuzion is integrated with the leading power flow analysis software PSS/E from PTI. PSS/E provides modules for performing load flow analysis, short circuit analysis, dynamics analysis and many others. The models provided by PSS/E for the various electrical network components are detailed and complex. While PSS/E solution times for a single scenario require only seconds for load flow and perhaps minutes for dynamic studies, hundreds of scenarios can easily consume days. EnFuzion can speed up PSS/E scenario calculations by orders of magnitude by enabling the use of multiple computers.

EnFuzion can serve large control rooms with rack-mount servers as well as consulting firms with a few networked PCs. EnFuzion is easy to install and configure and can be integrated into a corporate IT infrastructure with minimum oversight needed. Any desktop or laptop machine on a corporate network can be pre-configured to join an EnFuzion-controlled compute cluster to increase the compute power.

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