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Axceleon Contributes To Japan Relief Fundraiser

Axceleon Donates Software, Services and Sponsors the Motion Media Japan Relief Auction

LOS ANGELES, California, (June 6th 2011) – Axceleon, a leader in high performance cloud computing solutions for computational grids and cloud environments announced today that it will be contributing to a fundraising event for the American Red Cross Japan Relief effort being hosted by Motion Media, Santa Monica. Axceleon has a strong presence in Japan. Soon after the recent catastrophe Axceleon reached out to all its clients some of whom include: Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Isuzu, Canon, Kyocera and provided additional assistance and technical support services during the aftermath of the disaster.

“Axceleon was not only happy to provide enhanced levels of technical support, at no charge, to its customers during the weeks following the record breaking Earthquake, but also monetary support towards the disaster relief effort for the country as a whole”, said Michael Duffy, COO of Axceleon. “We applaud the Motion Media team for driving this fundraising event for Japan Relief, the need is still there even though it’s no longer headline news”, commented Mr. Duffy.

Axceleon sponsored the event and included in Axceleon’s donation to the American Red Cross is EnFuzion, High Performance Cluster Computing software for render farms and Pipeline Integration services. This will be available for auction June 9th 2011 at Motion Media’s fundraising event. Don’t miss your chance to acquire EnFuzion software, best in the industry, and help the people of Japan! Motion Media Event:


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