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CloudFuzion Accelerates EWEB NERC Study

CloudFuzion accelerated EWEB transient stability compliance studies for NERC regulations

LOS ANGELES, California, (July 5th 2011) – Axceleon, a leader in high performance cloud computing solutions for computational grids and cloud environments announced today that Eugene Water & Electric Board, (EWEB) participated in a study using CloudFuzion to significantly accelerate transient stability studies for compliance of NERC regulations.

The Eugene Water & Electric Board, (EWEB) participated in a study to significantly accelerate transient stability studies for compliance of NERC regulations. The results yielded a 20 to 1 cost benefit from previous years. As consumer demand for power worldwide steadily increases so do the constraints of improving system reliability and efficiency from regulatory bodies, while at the same time reducing costs. CloudFuzion proves that such high demands placed on utility providers from external pressures can not only be met but far surpass expectations. “EWEB appreciated the opportunity to participate in the project utilizing Axceleon CloudFuzion/PSLF cloud computing processes for our 2011 transmission planning studies. In so doing, EWEB was able to complete its NERC-required transient stability studies in a fraction of the time and cost it would have been using conventional methods”. Dean Ahlsten, Systems Engineering & Substation Reliability Manager, Eugene Water & Electric Board. EWEB’s 2011 transient stability study was completed in 2 weeks versus 4 months from the year prior.

CloudFuzion is the “killer app” for cloud cluster deployment, management and control. The full suite of applications supported by CloudFuzion, which include Power/Energy applications, 3D Animation, CAE, Fluid Engineering, Financial Services and Biotechnology, make it the “must have cluster management platform” for clouds both internal and public cloud deployments such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2.” said Michael Duffy, COO of Axceleon “The EWEB study allowed us to demonstrate the significant savings in dollars, time and manpower delivered by CloudFuzion and allowed EWEB to complete studies in 2 weeks that took 3-4 man months in previous years. We worked closely with Dean and EWEB team and thank them for selecting us and CloudFuzion for this project”, commented Mr. Duffy.

CloudFuzion provides for mission critical, fail-safe, fully redundant HPC clusters in private and public clouds for the Power/Energy Industry. Cloud cluster deployment and workflow/pipeline integration services available from the Axceleon team.


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