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Axceleon Moves high-performance Grid Computing to a new Frontier with Windows XP support

EnFuzion 7.1 now offers complete support for Windows XP, as well as Windows NT/2000, Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX, HP Tru64, SGI Irix, and Linux

November 19, 2002 -- San Francisco, Calif. - Axceleon, the leader in high-performance clustering and grid computing, announced today that it has launched EnFuzion 7.1. EnFuzion 7.1 now offers complete support for Windows XP. The software continues to support Windows NT/2000, Solaris, SGI Irix, HP-UX, HP Tru64, IBM AIX and Linux.

"The addition of Windows XP support is a major win for us," said Michael Duffy, President and CEO at Axceleon. "Enterprise customers need a solution that can support multiple operating environments, to address their heterogeneous platforms. EnFuzion has the ability to integrate transparently within an organization's current IT environment, offering instant and measurable ROI."

Axceleon's EnFuzion gives companies the ability to turn their existing IT infrastructure into a high-speed, fault-tolerant, highly available supercomputer. Employed by major corporations worldwide, EnFuzion is a groundbreaking technology, which is based on a straightforward and very powerful concept called parametric execution. Parametric execution is where the same application is executed several times with a different set of input parameters. EnFuzion works with all available computing hardware, including rack mounted servers, Blade servers, idle desktops, and dedicated servers.

"Organizations are increasingly looking for ways to extend the reach of their IT budgets," said Dan Kusnetzky, IDC's vice-president of system software research. "These organizations are often utilizing virtual processing software, such as EnFuzion, to deploy grids or clusters of high volume, high performance, and low cost systems rather than using a single larger system as their platform for computationally intensive applications."

"Corporations encounter compute intensive tasks, such as energy modeling and rendering, on a daily basis. Therefore they need a highly flexible software solution that supports platforms such as Windows XP," said Robert Graziotto, Vice President at Axceleon. "Organizations must have the ability to create pools of flexible processing power that can be accessed at any time. With EnFuzion, companies are able to access existing CPU horsepower that already resides in their current IT infrastructure, allowing them to deliver substantial results and time-savings."

Cost Savings and Benefits

According to market intelligence firm, Tactical Communications, companies that utilize grid-computing technologies are able to perform functions that are typically impossible in a standard desktop-computing environment. Their research concludes that grid computing will create huge cost-savings for businesses by effectively using existing computer equipment.

Pricing and Availability

EnFuzion 7.1 is now available. To learn more about EnFuzion 7.1 please contact Axceleon at (650) 234-8423 or send email to

About Axceleon

Axceleon, with offices in San Francisco, Palo Alto and Monterey, Calif., is revolutionizing the high-performance clustering market. Its EnFuzion software offers clients the ability to gain faster computing results with their existing heterogeneous hardware and software computing environments. Whether deployed on dedicated servers or idle desktops across an enterprise, EnFuzion™ reduces application execution time and delivers a tangible Return-on-Investment (ROI). To learn more about Axceleon visit


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