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Axceleon Enables Power Grid Analysis and Simulation Solutions on Microsoft Windows Platform

Joined by Shaw Power Technologies, Inc. to Showcase Solution at Supercomputing 2003

Nov 17, 2003 -- Phoenix, AZ - Axceleon, a leader in computational grid software, today announced general availability of its EnFuzion 8.0 release at Supercomputing 2003. Joined by Shaw Power Technologies, Inc.™ (PTI) a leader in the analysis of electrical power systems, the companies will showcase their leading Windows based solution for the power industry. Axceleon will be exhibiting in the Microsoft booth #3011 at Supercomputing 2003 on November 18- 20, 2003.

EnFuzion on Windows platform provides an ideal solution for building compute clusters and grids, resulting in radically reduced simulation time, which leads to more robust and higher quality engineering results. PTI's PSS/E software is the premier solution for power grid analysis on the Windows platform. Together the companies provide a comprehensive solution for the power industry, providing the ability to perform most demanding analyses in a short time period.

"We are excited to have Axceleon in our Supercomputing 2003 booth," said Greg Rankich, HPC Solution Manager, Microsoft Corp. "EnFuzion from Axceleon running on Windows enables users to build a scalable, cost effective high performance platform. Using software like PTI's PSS/E, this platform can be specialized to provide industry specific solutions."

"At Axceleon we are committed to continued support for Windows based solutions. Availability of commodity hardware and the most popular operating system has already made Microsoft Windows the platform of choice for many of our customers", said Michael Duffy, CEO at Axceleon. "EnFuzion 8.0 is a major milestone for Axceleon, addressing the evolving needs of enterprise grids. The release delivers increased functionality while lowering total cost of ownership. EnFuzion 8.0 offers a full featured, robust, secure and easy to deploy grid solution".

"PTI develops and supplies software products worldwide for electrical transmission and distribution on the client's platform of choice -- Microsoft," said Bill Quinn, President of PTI. "Our flagship transmission planning product PSS/E is installed in over 110 countries around the world often performing mission critical analysis."

Pricing and Availability:

EnFuzion 8.0 is now available. To learn more about EnFuzion 8.0 please contact Axceleon at (408) 739-9000 or send email to

About Axceleon:

Axceleon is a developer of grid computing enterprise software products for distributed resource management in Business Intelligence and Analytics applications. Axceleon's EnFuzion provides real-time access to results, data and reporting within an enterprise. The EnFuzion solution easily grid-enables applications by providing a management layer to share compute resources across departments, enterprises and the global grid. Whether deployed on new or existing networks of heterogeneous servers, blade servers or idle desktops across an enterprise, EnFuzion reduces application execution time and delivers a tangible Return-on-Investment (ROI). To learn more about EnFuzion visit

About Shaw Power Technologies, Inc.:

Shaw Power Technologies, Inc.™ (PTI), based in upstate New York, is a world leader in power systems analysis providing advanced technical consulting services, world-standard analytical software programs for simulating electric power systems, professional education programs, and advanced technology. PTI's PSS/E software provides users with power flow, short circuit, dynamic simulation (including long term), optimal power flow, linear network, and small signal analysis. For more information on PSS/E and other products and services provided by PTI, visit


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