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Axceleon's EnFuzion Resource Management Software Targets Enterprise Grid Computing

EnFuzion 8.0 Now Supports 64-bit Processors and IBM eSeries Servers

December 1, 2003 -- Sunnyvale, Calif. -- Axceleon, a leader in computational grid software, today announced EnFuzion 8.0 release. The EnFuzion 8.0 release provides numerous new capabilities needed for the enterprise and significantly expands the range of supported operating system platforms.

The lack of grid capable applications has proven to be the problem with compute clusters and grids. Using EnFuzion, standard single processor applications can now take advantage of compute clusters and grids. EnFuzion automates and accelerates parametric studies, where the same application is executed many times with multiple sets of input parameters. Parametric studies are labor intensive and subject to errors when performed manually. With EnFuzion, users are able to utilize multiple computers to reduce time consuming manual tasks, deliver results faster and eliminate errors.

EnFuzion is deployed in a wide range of applications, such as electric network analysis, financial modeling, video production, and bioinformatics. EnFuzion can utilize all available computing hardware on the network, including compute clusters and underutilized desktops.

New EnFuzion 8.0 functionality includes:

"With EnFuzion 8.0, we have added a large number of new functions to the most versatile and easy to use grid computing software," said Rok Sosic, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer at Axceleon. "We continue to optimize EnFuzion for use in the enterprise. EnFuzion's ability to scale from small to large environments offers customers a quick deployment and the ability to grow seamlessly over time as the needs increase."

EnFuzion 8.0 is now available. To learn more about EnFuzion 8.0 please contact Axceleon at (408) 739-9000 or send email to

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Axceleon is revolutionizing the high-performance grid computing market with its EnFuzion software. EnFuzion gives organizations the ability to automate applications and gain faster computing results with their heterogeneous hardware and software computing environments. Whether deployed on dedicated servers or idle desktops across an enterprise, EnFuzion reduces application execution time and delivers a tangible Return-on-Investment (ROI). To learn more about EnFuzion visit


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