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Axceleon Offers Grid Resource Management Solution for Windows and Linux Compute Clusters with HP

Axceleon's EnFuzion® Resource Management Solution Available for HP Volume Cluster Series

October 26, 2004 -- Sunnyvale, Calif. -- Axceleon, a leader in computational grid software, today announced the immediate availability of its EnFuzion® resource management software for HP Volume Cluster Series compute clusters. Axceleon and HP have signed a software licensing agreement to offer EnFuzion with HP compute clusters, available directly from HP as well as from HP's partner sales channels.

As industry standard compute farms and clusters are becoming more available and affordable, the lack of applications and the difficulty of cluster management have become a problem. Using EnFuzion as the basic resource manager, a wide range of applications can take advantage of these scalable compute configurations. EnFuzion automates and accelerates parametric studies, where the same application is executed many times with multiple sets of input parameters.

Parametric studies require vast amounts of compute power. They are also labor intensive and subject to human error due to the repetitive nature of the task. With EnFuzion, users are able to do more by defining jobs through a range of parameter settings and data values. Using combined compute power of the HP Volume Cluster Series cluster greatly reduces the time to obtain results and eliminates human errors. Commercial and home grown applications can utilize compute clusters in a short time without any need to change the applications. The user simply submits the jobs to EnFuzion's resource manager and comes back for results, while EnFuzion takes care of execution details in between.

EnFuzion supports both Windows and Linux based compute clusters from HP. Different operating systems can be seamlessly mixed in the same configuration, providing additional application performance and flexibility. EnFuzion is easy to deploy and operate with simple command line installation and deployment steps. Optimized for cluster operation by providing self-configuring and self-managing features, it radically reduces the cost to setup and administer a cluster. The industry-standard HP Volume Cluster Series clusters with EnFuzion can be easily integrated in the IT infrastructure without network or administrative disruption.

"EnFuzion resource management software, combined with HP Volume Cluster Series compute clusters, provides a solution that is easy to deploy and provides benefits in a short time," said Rok Sosic, Chief Technology Officer at Axceleon. "Almost any compute intensive application can derive great benefit from running parametric studies on compute clusters. EnFuzion's ease of use and simplicity, combined with HP's portfolio of packaged, supported clusters, provides an ideal platform for any entry level or experienced cluster user."

"Axceleon has been a leader in combining distributed computing and parametric analysis, enabling exponential gains in performance. The combination of EnFuzion and HP's high performance clusters offers customers a powerful and cost effective solution, with unmatched flexibility, with support for both Windows and Linux, and a range of servers and interconnects," said Bruce Toal, director of marketing, HP High Performance Computing Division.

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Axceleon is revolutionizing the high-performance grid computing market with its EnFuzion® software. EnFuzion gives organizations the ability to automate applications and gain faster computing results with their heterogeneous hardware and software computing environments. Whether deployed on compute clusters or idle desktops across an enterprise, EnFuzion reduces application execution time and delivers a tangible Return-on-Investment (ROI). To learn more about EnFuzion visit


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