New EnFuzion 8.2 Enables Large Hierarchical Compute Clusters

New Features Maximize Total System Performance, Network Utilization and Manageability

March 8, 2005 -- Sunnyvale, Calif. -- Axceleon, a leader in computational grid software, today announced the immediate availability of a new version of its EnFuzion ® software. EnFuzion 8.2 provides an easy-to-use and powerful solution to manage groups of compute nodes in a hierarchy, to break the data access bottleneck and to achieve maximum total system performance. EnFuzion offers users a powerful alternative to the traditional flat cluster configuration, and it enables users to increase total system performance without making additional investment in compute resources.

"As compute clusters grow, many users are experiencing diminishing return on their additional hardware investment. Low job throughput, data access bottleneck, poor total system utilization are the top reasons for unrealized performance goals," said Rok Sosic, CTO of Axceleon, Inc. "By enabling hierarchical cluster configuration, we enable large clusters with thousands of machines to benefit from additional levels of parallelism and fault tolerance and increase total system performance with unlimited scalability."

As an alternative to the traditional flat cluster configuration, EnFuzion 8.2 allows users to connect their compute nodes in a hierarchy of groups of nodes. There are no requirements for the number of nodes at each level of hierarchy; users can decide on the optimal configuration based on their needs. With each node in the hierarchy, users get an additional level of parallelism and an additional point of control for a group of nodes. By combining the EnFuzion high performance job scheduler with the support for hierarchical cluster configuration, users can achieve the following benefits:

About Axceleon:

Axceleon Inc. is the provider of EnFuzion®, the resource management software for cluster and grid computing. EnFuzion speeds up computation intensive applications by distributing the computing over many machines, which can be compute clusters, blade servers, or under utilized desktops or laptops on a corporate network. EnFuzion has been deployed in the energy, financial, bioinformatics, 3D rendering, telecommunications, scientific research and engineering market segments, where it helped users to get more results faster. To learn more about EnFuzion and Axceleon, please visit


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