Axceleon, Siemens Join Forces to Speed up Power Systems Simulation
with EnFuzion and Multi-core Computers

April 10, 2006 -- Sunnyvale, Calif. -- Axceleon, a leader in high performance distributed computing solutions for computing grids, clusters and render farms today announced that it will join Siemens at the Siemens 2006 PSS/E™ User Group Meeting to showcase a turbocharged PSS/E solution which utilize the latest multi-core computers and the EnFuzion software.




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About Axceleon:

Axceleon Inc. is the provider of EnFuzion, the resource management software for cluster and grid computing. EnFuzion speeds up computation intensive applications by distributing the computing over many machines, which can be compute clusters, blade servers, or under utilized desktops or laptops on a corporate network. EnFuzion has been deployed in the energy, financial, bioinformatics, 3D rendering, telecommunications, scientific research and engineering market segments, where it helped users to get more results faster. To learn more about EnFuzion and Axceleon, please visit


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