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Axceleon Announces Global Workflow and Pipeline Management

New Products to Be Introduced at SIGGRAPH 2008

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LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Axceleon, a leader in high performance cloud computing solutions for computational grids, clusters and render farms, today announced the introduction of its new global workflow, pipeline and "seamless rendering" product named CloudFuzion. "With the introduction of CloudFuzion Axceleon continues its commitment to hide complexity for the artist, brings complete workflow management to the 3D animation ecosystem and allows studios to harness developments in cloud computing, realize savings on their infrastructure and increase productivity," said Mr. Duffy, President and CEO of Axceleon. "CloudFuzion is revolutionary in its automated management of all aspects of the creative workflow process from launch through to final delivery. 'On Demand' rendering capacity is a key part of seamless rendering and the evolved render farm and is a major deliverable of CloudFuzion," commented Mr. Duffy.

Axceleon also announced EnFuzion3D 2009. EnFuzion3D 2009 is in beta and available for immediate download to beta customers. Full release is targeted for mid September 2008. Axceleon will be demonstrating EnFuzion3D 2009 at SIGGRAPH 2008, Booth 1029.

EnFuzion3D 2009 brings many new and enhanced features for render farm management. Feature and enhancement highlights are as follows:

To schedule a demo of CloudFuzion or EnFuzion3D 2009 at SIGGRAPH 2008, please stop by booth 1029 or contact Axceleon at

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Axceleon Inc. is the provider of EnFuzion, CloudFuzion, and EnFuzion3D 2009. EnFuzion is for high-performance cloud computing solutions for clusters and grids. CloudFuzion is a robust automated solution for workflow and pipeline management. EnFuzion3D 2009 is an industrial-strength render farm management software solution. EnFuzion3D 2009 runs on all major OS platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS and IRIX) and all major 64/32-bit hardware platforms from AMD, Intel, Apple and SGI. Plug-ins for all major rendering packages are available, including Maya, 3ds Max, Toxik, Softimage|XSI, Nuke, mental ray, After Effects and more. To learn more about Axceleon visit


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