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High Performance Computing Comes to Hollywood

EnFuzion3D 2009 Enables HPC (High Performance Computing) Clusters For Rendering

Siggraph 2009, New Orleans. (August 6th 2009) - Axceleon, a leader in high performance distributed computing solutions for render farms and clusters today announced that the Axceleon presentation at Intel Siggraph 2009 Theater (Visual Adrenaline with Intel Software) entitled "HPC Comes to Hollywood" was a big hit with the audience at the Intel booth at Siggraph 2009 in New Orleans and generated a lot of buzz and interest in EnFuzion3D 2009.

EnFuzion is the only HPC (High Performance Computing) based commercial product on the market today that enables "seamless rendering" with major 3D applications both behind the firewall and in the Amazon EC2 Cloud.

"EnFuzion was designed for this HPC environment and has 11+ Years of continuous deployment in mission critical HPC environments. It has supported 3D Animation since 2000 and now has plug-ins for 95% of 3D applications. EnFuzion was tailored to operate in a heterogeneous operating system arena; it is the fastest scheduler in the industry, built to scale with minimum network load to 10,000s' of CPU/Cores. It is reliable with fault tolerance features and high availability/auto-fail over also designed in. EnFuzion has remote node management and automatically works around HW, SW, memory, network, renderer problems to keep the render farm running 24X7", said Mr. Duffy, President and CEO of Axceleon.

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About EnFuzion3D 2009 for Render Farms

Axceleon Inc. is the provider of EnFuzion the, open architecture, high-performance distributed computing solution for clusters, grids and render farms. EnFuzion3D 2009 is an industrial-strength render farm management software solution. EnFuzion3D 2009 is multi platform running natively on all major OS platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS and IRIX) and all major 64/32-bit hardware platforms from AMD, Intel, Apple and SGI. Plug-ins for all major rendering packages are available, including Maya, 3ds Max, Toxik, Softimage XSI, NukeTM, Combustion, After Effects, BlenderTM, mental ray, Vray, TurtleTM, 3Delight and more. EnFuzion was first deployed on an SGI/Irix render farm running Alias Maya with CBS News in 2000.

EnFuzion is deployed in the energy, financial, bioinformatics, 3D rendering, telecommunications, scientific research and engineering applications, where it helps users to get more results faster. EnFuzion was one of the first sizeable deployments of grid computing technology on Wall Street in 1999. To learn more about EnFuzion, and Axceleon, please visit

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