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Aspera and Axceleon to Turbocharge 3D Rendering for Film Studios

Aspera fasp Technology Integrated with Axceleon's EnFuzion Render Farm Management Software Accelerates 3D Rendering on Amazon's EC2

EMERYVILLE, Calif and YOKOHAMA, JAPAN , Siggraph Asia (Booth #B02), December 14, 2009 - Aspera Inc. and Axceleon Inc. today announced a technology partnership to deliver an integrated solution that automates high-speed file transfer and turbocharges 3D content rendering on Amazon Web Services EC2 for media and entertainment companies. The combination of Aspera's high-performance fasp transport technology and Axceleon's EnFuzion industrial grade 3D render management software will enable broadcasters, film studios, gaming companies and architectural firms to significantly accelerate their end-to-end image rendering workflow on Amazon's EC2 infrastructure. Axceleon has joined Aspera's partner program and is working closely with Aspera on joint integration of the technologies.

"EnFuzion combined with fasp is a solution requirement from mutual customers that will enable studio production teams to derive new efficiencies by automating and linking Axceleon's render management with Aspera's high-speed file transfer software for fast and efficient data movement to and from the EC2 infrastructure," said Mary Keogh, chief operating officer at Axceleon. "We are pleased to become Aspera,s partner. Axceleon's EnFuzion with its technology partners has opened a new era enabling "Elastic/Flexible On Demand Virtual StudiosTM " for the media and entertainment world, leveraging peak and off peak demands."

With film studio workflows and production cycles getting shorter, 3D animation production teams are being challenged with an explosion in digital content requirements demanded by new channels and markets. In addition, large-scale film and broadcast projects typically include creative teams spanning several continents and time zones. To remain competitive in this evolving environment, media and entertainment companies need to automate and accelerate the rendering process to ensure timely delivery of consistent, high quality content.

"Aspera's fasp transport technology is an emerging standard for the high-speed movement of large files over wide area networks and a key enabler for cloud-based, data-intensive workflows," said Bhavik Vyas, director of technology sales and partnerships at Aspera. "The combination of fasp, EnFuzion and EC2 - all highly scalable platforms that help production teams work faster, smarter and with more precision - enables a cost-effective, high-performance rendering environment. The upload, rendering and delivery processes are tightly integrated, automated and monitored for complete control over critical stages in the content lifecycle."

The integration of Aspera's high-performance transport technology with EnFuzion expedites 3D rendering workflows across several critical points. On the content send-side, as media and scene files are built with applications like Autodesk Maya and 3dsMax inside the studio, Aspera will be invoked to transfer the files to their destination in Amazon's EC2 automatically. On the EC2 receive-side, the arrival of an Aspera transfer can immediately invoke EnFuzion to launch the render in the cloud. When the render is complete the reverse happens, powered by Aspera's high-speed file transfer software, the rendered content is returned to the studio over wide area networks (WANs), utilizing full bandwidth while protecting other network traffic.

About EnFuzion3D 2009 for Render Farms

Axceleon Inc. is the provider of EnFuzion the, open architecture, high-performance distributed computing solution for clusters, grids and render farms. EnFuzion3D 2009 is an industrial-strength render farm management software solution. EnFuzion3D 2009 is multi platform running natively on all major OS platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS and IRIX) and all major 64/32-bit hardware platforms from AMD, Intel, Apple and SGI. Plug-ins for all major rendering packages are available, including Maya, 3ds Max, Toxik, Softimage XSI, NukeTM, Combustion, After Effects, BlenderTM, mental ray, Vray, TurtleTM, 3Delight and more. EnFuzion was first deployed on an SGI/Irix render farm running Alias Maya with CBS News in 2000.

EnFuzion is deployed in the energy, financial, bioinformatics, 3D rendering, telecommunications, scientific research and engineering applications, where it helps users to get more results faster. EnFuzion was one of the first sizeable deployments of grid computing technology on Wall Street in 1999. To learn more about EnFuzion, and Axceleon, please visit

About Aspera

Aspera is the creator of next-generation transport technologies that move the world's digital assets at maximum speed regardless of file size, transfer distance and network conditions. Based on its patent-pending fasp protocol, Aspera software fully utilizes existing infrastructures to deliver the fastest, most predictable file transfer experience. Aspera's core technology delivers unprecedented control over bandwidth, complete security and uncompromising reliability. Hundreds of organizations across a variety of industries on six continents rely on Aspera software for the business-critical transport of their digital assets. Please visit for more information.

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