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Axceleon to Exhibit at Autodesk University 2010

Axceleon and RevUp Render to Preview CloudFuzion
Platform as a Service (PaaS) for image rendering on Amazon EC2

AUTODESK UNIVERSITY , LAS VEGAS (November 30th 2010) - Axceleon, a leader in high performance cloud computing solutions for computational grids, render farms and cloud environments announced today that it will be exhibiting with RevUp Render at Autodesk University (booth AU#311), Las Vegas, November 30 through December 2, 2010. Axceleon will offer a technology preview of RevUp CloudFuzion which is an image rendering platform service running on Amazon EC2. CloudFuzion PaaS allows production studios to automate and share rendering projects across Amazon Web Services (AWS) global infrastructure. Initially RevUp CloudFuzion will use mental ray Linux instances as the rendering platform on Amazon's EC2. Mental ray is the preferred renderer for many 3D modeling software companies including Autodesk.

"We are very pleased to participate with RevUp Render at Autodesk University this year. We are working closely with the RevUp Render team to provide on-demand rendering services on Amazon's EC2 platform. We have been deploying high performance clusters on the cloud for the last few years and our compute/render farms on Amazon's EC2 are secure, scalable, cost effective and capable of running very large workloads and heavy scenes with ease. Amazon's EC2 is the logical choice for Axceleon to promote and launch its automated RevUp CloudFuzion solution, said Mary Keogh CEO of Axceleon.

"RevUp Render is very excited to be working with Axceleon who has a solid background in distributed processing technology. We see our partnership with Axceleon to release RevUp CloudFuzion as a service (SaaS) as being a great advance for enabling more people to more easily take advantage of the power of cloud computing. We have worked to setup a great system that will enable more advanced technology and design software to be used on demand and our partnership with Axceleon is a perfect example of that." stated Ry Bruscoe Assoc. AIA, President / Founder of RevUp Render

About RevUp Render

RevUp Render Inc. is a cloud computing and technology company created by designers for designers with a need for rapid processing of multi-dimensional, heavily laden, graphic-based files. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the creative mind and model rendering through advanced collaborative design & review technology. RevUp Render will render still images into animated, virtual spaces and create a streamlined design/render/review processes in seconds instead of the current 12-hour+ cycles. To learn more about RevUp Render please visit:


Axceleon is the provider of CloudFuzion and EnFuzion. The CloudFuzion platform is available as a service (PaaS) and used on larger public clouds, grids and high performance computing environments and is multi platform running natively on all major OS platforms Windows, Linux, Mac OS. EnFuzion is deployed in power/energy utilities, 3D, financial, bioinformatics, scientific research. telecommunications and engineering, where it helps users to get more results faster. EnFuzion was one of the first sizeable deployments of grid computing technology on Wall Street in 2000. To learn about CloudFuzion, EnFuzion please visit

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