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EnFuzion is an industrial strength render farm management solution. EnFuzion runs on all major OS platforms, all major 64/32-bit hardware platforms and supports all major rendering packages. Key features of EnFuzion are as follows:

Proven Robustness and Reliability
EnFuzion has been deployed in the demanding, 24x7 enterprise computing environment for over a decade, delivering robustness and reliability to a wide range of clients.

Performance and Scalability
EnFuzion has the industry’s highest performance job scheduler which is designed to handle thousands of machines with ease. EnFuzion lets users achieve linear performance gain as additional machines are added to the render farm.

Client-Server Model
EnFuzion utilizes the proven client-server architecture to ensure optimal reliability, scalability and performance for render farms of any size, from 2 machines to thousands of machines.

Enterprise Resource Management and Workflow Automation
More than just a render farm management solution, EnFuzion is also an enterprise resource management and workflow automation tool. EnFuzion lets users automate other repetitive and mundane tasks in the animation or game production process.

Smart File Transfer and Network Utilization
EnFuzion enables users to minimize network file transfers with pre-staging of compute nodes with scenes project files. Pre-staging increases overall system throughput while reducing network traffic.

Maximum Utilization of Multi-core Processors
EnFuzion’s high performance job scheduler ensures 100% utilization of the new 64-bit multi-core processors from Intel and AMD.

Heterogeneous, Multi OS-Platform Support
EnFuzion supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, AIX and IRIX. Using EnFuzion, you can also mix machines running different operating systems on the same render farm. EnFuzion lets you utilize low cost Linux render nodes.

Support for Leading Rendering Software
EnFuzion comes with plug-ins for leading rendering software including Maya, 3ds Max, Softimage XSI, After Effects and more. Each plug-in seamlessly integrates the rendering software with the EnFuzion-run render farm for job submission, control and monitoring.

Intuitive GUI, Standard Web Interface
Clear, concise and intuitive graphical user interface lets artists work with a render farm without any hassle. Intuitive web interface allows users to monitor and control job progress from anywhere by using a standard internet browser, without the need to install additional client software on remote machines.

Flexible Scheduling and Lights-out Options
Extensive and flexible scheduling options help to manage jobs, machine pools and licenses. Automatic retry and restart options work around application faults and machine failures to ensure job progress.

Extensive Administrative and Reporting Tools
Intuitive web interface for render farm allows administrators to access and control all aspects of the render farm from anywhere, using a standard web browser. EnFuzion offers the most complete log and performance data on all aspects of the render farm operation, including information on jobs, machines, users, performance, errors.

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