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EnFuzion for Engineering and Scientific Computation and Simulation

EnFuzion is the perfect personal and group productivity tool for engineers, scientists and researchers who need to evaluate many scenarios in order to obtain the optimal designs or the most complete results. EnFuzion increases the efficiency of batch processing by allowing users to automate scenario calculations and speeds up the computation with concurrent use of multiple computers in a cluster or a desktop computer grid.

Any commercial or homegrown application with a command line interface can be grid-enabled by EnFuzion to run on a compute cluster. No applications changes are needed. EnFuzion provides a simple interface to help users generate and parameterize thousands or millions of scenarios to prepare their applications for concurrent execution on compute clusters and grids. Once the scenario jobs are created, EnFuzion's high throughput job scheduler will utilize all available compute resources to execute the jobs in the shortest time.

Users can achieve more with EnFuzion because they can automate repetitive, error prone and mundane tasks while getting maximum job throughput from optimal use of all compute resources. Orders of magnitude shorter time-to-results have enabled many EnFuzion users to enhance FPGA designs, optimize place-and-route designs, make new scientific discoveries and speed up SPICE simulations.

EnFuzion is integrated with many leading commercial applications, including MATLAB and Simulink from Mathworks. EnFuzion can work seamlessly with MATLAB and Simulink to run coarse-grained MATLAB algorithms and Simulink models over a compute cluster, and share the same cluster hardware with other applications.

More examples of EnFuzion usage can be found on the Monash University's Parallel Parametric Modelling Engine site. Some examples use Clustor, a predecessor of EnFuzion.