About Axceleon

Axceleon Inc. is a leader in high performance computing, and the provider of EnFuzion, EnFuzionPWR and EnFuzionSP software.

About EnFuzion

EnFuzion is a high performance parallel computing software.  Designed to enable large scale parametric studies, EnFuzion provides a software framework and tools to enable every aspect of creating and running millions of jobs in a parallel, distributed environment, whether it is on a single multicore computer, or 1000 dedicated servers.  EnFuzion reduces the complexity of parallel computing, and helps users gain orders of magnitude more results faster and easier.

The EnFuzion Advantage

EnFuzion has been in continuous deployment since 1996, in demanding enterprise computing environments. EnFuzion has consistently delivered the reliability and performance expected by our customers.  Many have counted on EnFuzion to carry out critical real-time financial computations on Wall Street, large scale bioinformatics studies, on-line energy systems, real-time engineering applications and solids modeling.


Intern Program

Axceleon is excited to announce an intern program for qualified students in computer engineering, computer science and electrical engineering.  For more information, please contact us at info@axceleon.com.