High performance parallel computing software for power systems simulations

Take a Quantum Leap in Speed and Productivity


Many power systems simulations are parametric studies – running
the same algorithm with different input values to study the system behavior under various conditions. Based on the EnFuzion
technology for large-scale parametric studies, EnFuzionPWR delivers
a quantum leap in speed and productivity gain when used to
run power systems simulations.

EnFuzionPWR has been used extensively for running power systems simulations for well over a decade.

  • Steady state reliability analysis
  • Transient stability analysis
  • N-1, N-1-1 contingency analysis
  • Monte carlo simulations

One Parallel Computing Environment for All Types of Simulations

Siemens PTI



Proven Solution

For more than a decade, many ISOs, utilities and consultants have counted on EnFuzionPWR to get more results in less time, achieving orders of magnitude speed-up and productivity gain through parallel processing and work flow automation.

Targeted Tools for Every Step of the Process  

EnFuzionPWR gives you enterprise grade, high-performance computing software designed to address the needs of conducting large scale parametric power systems simulations.

Define Large Studies with Ease

Creating large power systems studies is tedious and error-prone without the right tools. Designed specifically for creating and running large scale parametric studies, EnFuzion makes creating large studies very simple and effective.

Imagine defining a dynamics study to analyze the system stability in response to 2 disturbances with these parameters:

  • 4 load types
  • 34 first fault locations
  • 33 second fault locations
  • 1 fault type
  • 1 clearing time

Creating a simulation run with 4488 jobs using EnFuzionPWR is as simple as creating an EnFuzion Run File with 5 variables and 5 corresponding lists of values. EnFuzionPWR will do the rest by automatically generating all the fully parameterized simulations.


The added bonus – these simulations are now set to run, in parallel, by EnFuzionPWR, on any number of computers.

Dramatically Shorten Simulation Time




Whether you have one multi-core laptop or hundreds of servers, EnFuzionPWR will shorten your simulation time with distributed parallel processing, by an amount proportional to the compute resources you have at hand.

For more simulation throughput, just add hardware.  EnFuzionPWR helps you scale up seamlessly.

N-1-1 In Hours Not Days


See how EnFuzionPWR reduced the simulation time of a N-1-1 contingency analysis from week+ to an hour and half, using just 4 computers.

Monitor and Control Program Execution

Advanced Job Management Delivers Breakthrough Productivity Gain

Queue and Forget

Simply queue your jobs and leave EnFuzion to manage them to completion.

Scheduling Options

Maximize resource utilization and performance, enforce IT policies with advanced scheduling options.

Smart Dispatch

Balance core and memory usage to prevent machine lock-up with smart dispatch options.

Fine Grained Job Control

Fine grained job control give you the ability to restart or abort individual jobs. No need to restart a whole run because of individual job failures.

Fault Tolerance

Overcome instabilities and faults in computers, networks and file systems with fault tolerant control options.

Execution Logs

Identify and solve program execution problems with the help of extensive log files.

Simulate, Analyze, Plot – More Productivity from Work Flow Automation



Distributed processing can be applied to post-simulation analysis and plotting, helping you to process the results as fast as you produce them.


EnFuzionPWR for Siemens PSSE

For well over a decade, transmission planners have been using EnFuzion to parallelize and speed-up PSS®E simulations, and automate their work flows.

Dynamics Simulations in Real Time

EnFuzionPWR makes it possible to achieve real-time performance for PSS®E dynamics simulations without model simplification or network model reduction.

Fast and Scalable N-1, N-1-1 Contingency Analysis

EnFuzionPWR makes it easy to create and run millions of contingencies, and to scale up performance proportional to the number of machines available.

Automate Work Flow Operations

EnFuzionPWR enables users to parallelize and automate pre-processing, post-processing, analysis and visualization steps to process simulation results.


EnFuzionPWR enables GE PSLF and MARS software to run in a distributed environment through a simple scripting interface.


EnFuzionPWR extends the batch mode operations of DYTOOLS to all the cores on a multicore computer as well as multiple computers.


Integrated with the SSTOOLS, EnFuzionPWR makes it very easy to distribute and manage many runs of thousands of contingencies, and automate the analysis and visualization of results.

Concorda MARS Support

Using a simple script interface, EnFuizonPWR exends the MARS Engine to run large scale reliability studies on many computers, in an HPC configuration.

EnFuzionPWR for PowerGEM TARA

EnFuzionPWR  is a great companion for TARA for large scale steady state power flow analysis.  By enabling TARA simulations to run on many computers in parallel, EnFuzionPWR helps to dramatically reduce simulation times for N-1-1 contingency analysis, often by orders of magnitude.

User Benefits

  • Extends the TARA batch mode operation to many machines
  • Scalable performance gain, proportional to the number of machines used
  • Built-in multi-user support

  • Advanced job queueing, management and prioritization
  • More control and fault tolerance than batch operations
  • Simple scritping interface to customize complex workflows

Certified Consultants to Help You

Whether it is to get started or to fine-tune your systems, certified power systems simulations experts who are also EnFuzion experts are available to help you!

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