Parallel computing enabler for PSS®E simulations

Parallel Computing for Every PSS®E User

Introducing EnFuzionSP Workstation Edition Software

  • Parallel computing enabler for PSS®E
  • Supports PSS®E versions 34, 33 and 32
  • Designed for 4-8 core laptops and desktop computers
  • Ready to use right out-of-the-box

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More results in less time, on the computer you already have.

Your multicore laptop or workstation computers are capable of running 4, 8, 16 or more simulations in parallel.  The EnFuzionSP software makes running PSS®E  simulations in parallel on a single workstation plug-and-play.

Simulate, analyze and plot in one automated step.

EnFuzion’s work flow automation features makes it possible to analyze and visualize the simulation results as soon as they are produced, in one automated processing, delivering additional productivity gain to the users.

  • Define Studies

  • Submit Jobs

  • Monitor Program Execution

  • Analyze and Plot

Upgrade from simple batch processing to EnFuzionSP Job Management.

Compared to simple batch processing, EnFuzion’s advanced job management features offers many advantages, and it extends seamlessly from workstation-based computing to server based computing.

Queue and Forget

Queue all of your studies and leave it to
EnFuzion to manage their execution.

Easier to use and more powerful than batch scripts.


Many options to control the priorities of studies in the job queue.

Fexiblity to control the order of execution

Per-simulation Control

Each simulation is individually controllable.

No need to restart the whole “batch” because of one simulation error.

Per-simulation Output

Console output and error messages for each simulation is one click way.

Easy to identify cause of error for every single simulation.

Built-in Error Handling

Built-in error handling for networks, files, programs, execution and more.

User-defined handlers puts control and visibility in the hands of the user.

Fault Tolerance

Automatically prevent and overcome common problems in computers, networks, and applications.

No need for users to re-queue or re-launch jobs after faults in the systems.

Fully Repeatable

Extensive logging of all information associated with each simulation.

All simulation runs are completely repeatable.

Reuse Custom Scripts

Built-in hooks for user-supplied pre- and post-processing Python and IDEV scripts.

Save time and increase productivity by using existing scripts.



Seamless Extension to Servers

Same user interface and workflow seamlessly extends to running on shared servers.

Increase compute capacity without a new learning curve.

Same computer, higher performance.

By parallelizing the simulations, you can expect performance increase proportionate to the number of cores and available memory in your computer.

Want more performance? Add some servers!

Adding one or more dedicated servers is a great way to increase your compute capacity.  EnFuzionSP makes this seamless – same user interface, same work flow, even more results in less time.

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