EnFuzionPWR 15.2 Now Available

Cupertino, Calif., — June 13, 2015 – Axceleon Inc. today announced the immediate availability of the EnFuzionPWR software version 15.2. This is a major new release of the EnFuzionPWR software.


The key feature highlights in this release include:


  • Significantly improved control root performance, especially under heavy system load 
  • More security on the compute nodes through a new configuration option
  • A new memory reservation feature on the compute nodes to prevent compute node lock-ups
  • Significantly extended the EnFuzion job scheduler to maximize the utilization of memory and CPU in today’s many core machines
  • Added support for handling large files through the EnFuzion Web interface
  • New multi-user support for the EnFuzion Web interface to increase productivity for large teams
  • Backward compatible to legacy run files and scripts
  • Support PSS®E, PSLF, TARA, PROMOD and many other application software packages


We recommend all users of EnFuzionPWR to upgrade to this new version of the software.  Please contact support@axceleo.com to request the software.

Axceleon Launched EnFuzionSP Parallel Dynamics Solution for PSS®E Users


Cupertino, Calif., — Feb 17, 2015 – Axceleon Inc. today announced the immediate availability of the EnFuzionSP Workstation Edition Software. The new software builds upon the company’s proven parallel computing software EnFuzion and includes an application-specific plug-in to enable the parallel execution of PSS®E dynamics simulations on multicore laptops or workstations. The EnFuzionSP software support PSS®E versions 34.0.2, 34, 33 and 32.


The EnFuzionSP Workstation Edition Software takes only minutes to install, and it is ready to run PSS®E dynamics simulations in parallel right out-of-the-box, with no need to script or program. On an 8-core computer, users can expect more than 10x reduction in simulation time compared to running the same studies sequentially. TheEnFuzionSP Workstation Edition Software software can also be paired up with additional dedicated servers to increase simulation throughput further. For more information, see www.axceleon.com/enfuzionSP.


Axceleon Announces v16.0 Beta for the EnFuzion and EnFuzionPWR Software


Cupertino, Calif., — Feb 17, 2015 – Axceleon Inc. today announced the availability of the v 16.0 beta release of the EnFuzion and EnFuzionPWR software. The new version includes new features and enhancements targeting large compute clusters with many users, and computers with many cores.


Feature highlights of this release includes smart memory-based dispatching to prevent machine lockup, an improved Web Interface for higher performance on compute clusters with many users. This version of the EnFuzion and EnFuzionPWR will also adds support for Windows 10.
Contact support@axceleon.com to request the beta software.